Matlab Worksheets on Fourier Analysis, Rolf Brigola

Examples on Engineering Mathematics with Matlab

As a supplement (to my math lectures on Fourier analysis in 2010) you can download my Matlab m-files of that past time
in the submenu of this page. The given examples may serve as mathematical preparation for curriculum lectures
on Signal Processing. The m-files should be saved in your Matlab working directory, if it is installed on your machine.
I have tested the m-files with Matlab version R2023b.

These m-files do not contain professional signal processing algorithms, but reasonably demonstrate that one can use
the frequency domain effectively to use or transmit information, for example in images or audio files, so that it is hardly detectable
without a comparison with the originals, knowledge of the embedding procedures or analysis of spectral data properties.
In that sense my files provide exercise material for students with respect to discrete Fourier transforms.
Those, who are interested in professional signal processing are referred to particular literature in the field.
All the m-files have sufficient comments, so that they can easily be used and changed to experience typical fft effects.
References can be found in the m-files or by asking a search machine or Wikipedia on the topic.

Informations on Matlab, Download of a Test Version or purchase of a Student License can be found at the Mathworks Website.
There can be found also many examples and more documentation.

If you are interested, please continue with the submenu. When you download the m-Files here, you can change them with a text
editor, save them to your Matlab working directory and run there.